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DBZ Claims

Claim your part of the DB Universe

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Moderators: ladycyndra

Claim anything in the DBZ universe you want, even the VA's from any of the countries were the DB Trilogy is aired.

Just because a character is claimed, it doesn't mean you cannot claim a different version of the character.

EX. Chibi Goku, Goku, SSJ Goku, SSJ2 Goku, SSJ3 Goku, SSJ4 Goku etc. etc.

1. You can make up to 5 claims.
2. Once you claim someone or something it is yours until you leave the community.
3. If you want a claim that is already claimed, talk to the owner and if they are willing to share, then you may have them, but the moderator must see this claim.
4. You can only change your claims if you drop a previous one.
5. You get one extra claim for each banner/icon you make for the community.
6. You can only claim an individual dragon ball. There are three sets 7 dragon balls. Namek, Earth, Black Star. EX: "I claim the 3 star Earth Dragonball" and you get THAT dragonball but none of the others.


Goku- ladycyndra
Trunks- anime_junkie18
Dende- elementree
Picclo- elementree
Gohan- gohstar
Jeice- c_starkiller
Burter- c_starkiller
Captain Ginyu- c_starkiller
Namek saga Piccolo- c_starkiller
Vegeta- vegeta_holic
Brolli- vegeta_holic
Chibi Goku- dbzangelx
Yamcha- mister_monday

4 Star Earth Dragonball- ladycyndra
6 Star Earth Dragonball- anime_junkie18

Goku's Kamehameha- ladycyndra
Trunks' Burning Attack- anime_junkie18
Yamcha's Wolf fang fist- mister_monday

Capsule Corporation- anime_junkie18
Master Roshi's island- elementree

Future Trunks' Sword- anime_junkie18
Dragonball Z Episode 1: 1. A Sheltered Boy: My Name is Son Gohan- gohstar
Vegeta's spandex Saiyajin suit- vegeta_holic
The Power Pole- vegeta_holic
Goku's Nimbus- vegeta_holic

Voice Actors:
Sean Schemmel- ladycyndra
Nozawa Masako- gohstar

Body Parts
Goku's Tail- ladycyndra
Gohan's tail- elementree
Vegeta's tail- gohstar

Gohan x Piccolo- gohstar
Vegeta x Bulma- dbzangelx
Goku x Vegeta- dbzangelx

Red Ribbon Army- mister_monday